How did last years grand final win rank amongst your other sporting achievements to date?
The many achievements of our team last year are without doubt the highlight of my entire football career. To be part of a team that has been able to make history, not only at a club level, but also at a National Premier League level is something I am very proud of

Having been at SUSFC now for a few seasons what do you believe is most unique about the club?
SUSFC is definitely a unique Club. Not only because of the amazing resources and facilities it offers, but also because of the great people that make up the club. The players, staff, supporters and volunteers have a huge amount of pride for the club which creates an excellent environment

How does the overall program at the University support athletes to find the right balance between sport and study?
The Elite Athlete Program offers many support services. Whether you need assistance academically, physically, mentally or emotionally, there are always people who are there to support you. It means that you can secure your future with a university degree while still aiming to reach your goals as an athlete

What are your ultimate aspirations in football?
I want to be the absolute best footballer I can be technically, mentally and physically

How have mentors helped you both on and off the football field?
The main mentors, not only in my football career, but also in my life, have been from SUSFC. By believing in me, they enabled me to become a better player and drove me to push myself to reach my goals. They taught me not to place limits on myself, and that if I wanted to achieve something, I should just go ahead and do it

What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing women in sport today?
There are a number of challenges that women face in sport today. Not only is there a significant gap between the pay of male and female athletes, but there is also a lack of resources, funding and recognition. I think the biggest challenge is changing the mentality that female athletes are inferior to male athletes and therefore deserving of less

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