QBA Mentoring Program

QBA mentoring Program

About the Program

The QBA Mentoring Program is designed to connect graduating students (mentees) with experienced industry professionals (mentors) to help create a bridge between the mentee’s student life and his or her professional future.

The program taps into a wealth of experience and knowledge across the SUSFC Alumni community and – in only its second year – the program has achieved great results and received positive feedback from both mentors and mentees who have participated.

The program is endorsed by the Sydney University Sports Foundation (EAP) and supported by the Sydney University Alumni Council.

How does the QBA mentor program work?

Partnerships are matched based on common experiences and compatibility, relevant areas of study, interests, experience and goals. Where possible we try to match mentees with a mentor who is experienced in the industry or field in which the mentee would like to start a career.

The program runs for six months from May to October, with monthly one-on-one meetings scheduled between mentors and mentees.

All participants receive an information pack which provides a framework to help support the relationship including defining roles and responsibilities, suggested topics for discussion, and tips for maintaining a strong relationship both during and after the program.

“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.”

Richard Branson

“The QBA mentoring program has been a great experience. It really came at the perfect time for me. I was “retiring” from professional sport and coming to the end of my master’s degree and still had a lot of questions about a number of industries and workplaces I was interested in. Through the QBA program I was matched with a wonderful mentor who provided valuable insights and answers to my many questions. Kate was friendly, flexible and had experience in various industries and roles, both in Australia and overseas. Besides our common interest in sport and wine, the best thing about my mentor, Kate, was her honesty. Kate was able to tell me straight how it is in certain industries and companies – something you don’t always get from company websites or recruitment processes! That was one of the most valuable things to me and certainly saved me making a few wrong decisions!

The QBA program is also great on a social level with networking events throughout the year which provide opportunities to meet other sports-loving people who have paved successful careers in their chosen industries. I’ve loved being a part of the program and cannot recommend it enough. Thanks to Mathew and the team for the fantastic opportunity. I’m very grateful and look forward to the next catch up!”

Lavinia Chrystal (Mentee)

Winter Olympian and Master in International Management Graduate, 2015 , Now living and working in Oslo, Norway for an IT/Software company

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